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DEATH TUNNEL (Sony Pictures)

Death Tunnel - DVD
• Format: DVD
• Running Time: 93 Min.
• Rated: R
• Now Available

Based on the true story of a Kentucky hospital where 63,000 people died, Death Tunnel follows a group of college kids who have to spend a night in a haunted sanatorium. An upscale college initiation party strands five girls in the "Scariest Place in the World." Within the five floors of an abandoned hospital built in 1910, haunted by five hosts of its tortured past. As the students, one by one, become victims of its tragic history, they soon uncover a shocking link they all may have to its past - a five hundred foot, underground body chute built to remove the dead bodies of its patients. When each door opens up, new terror and each corridor leads to unimaginable horror and the only way out is through the Death Tunnel.

• Behind the Scenes Photos
• Death Tunnel: An Inside Look at the Movie
• Death is in Fashion
• Production Stills

• Stars: Annie Burgstede, Steffany Huckaby, Melanie Lewis, Kristin Novak, Yolanda Pecoraro
• Director: Philip Adrian Booth
• Producer: Christopher Saint Booth, Shane Dax Taylor

• Genre: Horror
• CC: English (US)
• Sub: English (US), French (Parisian)
• Color/B&W: Color


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