DEATH TUNNEL (Sony Pictures) Top Movie Marathons on The SyFy

31 Days Of Halloween. Top Movie Marathons on The SyFy Channel! 'Death Tunnel' is a documentary about Waverly Hills, which is considered one of the scariest places on earth. 'Death Tunne'l will air again on SyFy October 4th at 1pm EST.

SPOOKED TV NEWS: Top Movie Marathons The SyFy Channel! The Booth Brothers premiere double feature 'The Possessed' and 'Children of the Grave' will air


SPOOKED TV NEWS: The Booth Brothers to appear at haunted Ashmore Estates, ctober 29th and 30th


SPOOKED TV NEWS: For Immediate Release. THE POSSESSED, SyFy Television Premiere October 8th 9/8c.


SPOOKED TV NEWS: SEX, GHOSTS & ROCK and ROLL. Meet the Booth Brothers. Exclusive Interview by: Elaine Lamkin/Dread Central.