Sony has acquired Death Tunnel

Sony has acquired Death Tunnel
Posted By : Goon, Wednesday Dec,31, Via: Source
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We have been following "Death Tunnel" since it was shooting at the Kentucky Sanatorium. Now it looks as though Sony Pictures has picked up the film for a theatrical run. I have no clue as to how big of a release they will be giving the film but hopefully it won't just get dumped like another movie coming out tomorrow.

If you go to the site now you can check out a new trailer they have posted which includes the Sony Pictures logo. They are already gearing up for the release by Sony. I'm very glad to see this happening. Its always great to see alittle indie film breakthrough and be acquired by a big studio.

To get a good idea of what this flick is like check out our exclusive clip from the film. For those of you who have been living under a rock here is the synopsis:

An upscale college initiation party strands five girls in the "Scariest Place in the World". Within the five floors of an abandoned hospital built in 1910, haunted by five ghosts of it's tortured past.
As the girls, one by one become victims of it's tragic history, they soon uncover a shocking link they all may have to it's past. A 500 foot underground body chute, built to remove the dead bodies of it's patients.

With each door opens up a new terror, and each corridor leads to unimaginable horror, the only way out is through the Death Tunnel.