Death Tunnel Hollywood Video

Whats up man, I work for Hollywood video, the closet one to Waverly Hills. We knew we were gonna get hit hard as they tried sending us 8 Death Tunnel copies at first. So then I called our DM and he sent us 60 more. To this day we still have not been able to keep that movie in our store as it is also one of are biggest stolen movies in our store. IT HAS NOT HIT PV yet but when it does its gonna be a good seller we had people asking for months when that movie was gonna come out then it was released and it was a big shocker how many people came looking for it.

We had so many people come in on the first day it came trying to buy that movie they told us they couldn't find it anywhere so they rented it. I've ended up watching it about 5 time as I usually only watch a movie once and I cant wait to see Spooked

I just wanted to let you know how good that movie was doing down here and its a shame you have it listed under blockbuster as I've also recommended it to a lot of people and out of all the copies we've had it has been rented over 1000 times.

Hit me up some time and ill keep you posted.

Chris @ Hollywood Video/Louisville Kentucky.