Death Tunnel MY RATING- 5 STARS
Review by: Tony Bernardini
I came across "Death Tunnel" on the internet purely by accident. I saw the trailer and went to Blockbuster. This film really blew me away. It is based on a true story. The movie was filmed entirely at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville Kentucky. If you have never heard of this place, it has been voted as one of the top ten scariest places on Earth. It still stands today. See current photos below.

Built in 1910 as a hospital for people inflicted with "White Death", sick people the from allover the world would come here hoping to be cured. But 63,000+ people died here. The facility was no more than a stock yard for the sick. The "Death Tunnel" was a 500 yard underground tunnel that was originally built for supplies to be brought in, but ended up being the resting place for dead patients. But, the doctors in charge claimed the patients were cured and released. Patients were infected with grossly deformed body parts, lost eyes, and other gross disfigurements.

The movie is about a college initiation where five girls are "chosen" to spend five hours on five floors of the abandoned hospital. But ghosts of past patients and workers of the sanatorium still roam the halls and soon one by one the girls meet a horrible fate.

Rated "R", there are scenes of blood and gore, but two things will scare your even more. One is the disfigurement of some of the ghosts, and mostly it is all the "original" papers and pictures from when the sanatorium was operating. These items were the actual papers, not props in the film and show atrocities never before seen. By human nature, one of our biggest fears is body disfigurement, and this film plays off that fear. It is clearly a film that deserved a wide release. It will scare you, haunt you, but most of all make you think ... yes think. How could this have really happened? It did; and the proof is in the still standing building all these atrocities took place in.

Find this film. You can click on the link above to purchase this film. This is a must have for all fans of horror, and oddly enough, historians. I learned much by viewing this film and it made me do more research into the real life goings on of this place. It is a rare thing for any form of media to induce this into a viewer.



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