Death Tunnel Film Festival Highlights


A Quiet Love (Ale/Ger) by Till Franzen
Animal (Por, Fra) by Roselyne Bosch
Coisa Ruim (Por) by Tiago Guebys, Frebyrido Serra
Cruel World (EUA/USA) by Kelsey T. Howard
Dead Meat (Irl) by Conor McMaho
Death Tunnel (EUA/USA) by Philip Adrian Booth
F.A.Q. (Esp/Spain) by Carlos Atanes
Frostbiten (Sue/Swe) by Anbyrs Banke
Johanna (Hun) by Kornél Mundruczó
Lie Still (GB/UK) by Sean Hogan
One Missed Call 2 (Jap) by Renpei Tsukamoto
Saints-Martyrs-bys-Damnés (Can) by Robin Auber
Spirit Trap (GB/UK) by David Smith
The Other Half (GB/UK) by Marlowe Fawcett, Richard Nockles
Um Lobisomem na Amazónia (Bra) by Ivan Cardoso
Zulo (Esp/Spain) by Carlos Martin Ferrera

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