21 giu 2006 DEATH TUNNEL - the MALEDIZIONE (Ita.5.1 - 16:9 /1.78: 1 + extra) (Special Contents: Filmato: The dead women Death Tunnel is fashionable/maledizione: One deepened look Photo behind the scenes/Images of production Trailer several)/Direction: Philip Adrian Booth/Cast: Melanie Lewis, Yolanda Pecoraro, Kristin Novak, Annie Burgstede, Steffany Huckaby/Kind: HOR/Distr.: Columbia/Sony

DEATH TUNNEL - the maledizione - Information on the product
In order to enter in confraternita one student, five girls must pass the night in macabro an abandoned hospital where in past they found the dead women piú of 63.000 persons. Every corridor leads to a new one brivido and every door opens wide a terror abyss. The only one via of escape is the underground way that came used in order to carry outside corpses: the tunnel of the dead women.

Title in language originates them: DEATH TUNNEL - the maledizione
Class: Film
Prohibited the minors: 14
House distribution: COLUMBIA TRISTAR
Format video: Anamorfico panoramic screen 1.78:1 16/9
Audio format: Dolby digital 5.1
Code area DVD: 2
Color/Black and white: Color
DVD In the confection: 1
Languages sottotito them: Italian, English, French, Arab
Languages doppiaggio: Italian, English, French
He comprises: Filmato: The dead women are fashionable, Death Tunnel - the maledizione: One deepened look, Photo behind the scenes, Images of production, several Trailer, not hearing Subtitles in English in order.



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