The Sick truth behind the Death Tunnel Movie

The Sick truth behind the Death Tunnel Movie
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THE SICK TRUTH One of the greatest things about Death Tunnel, was not only how the filmmakers utilized the true history of, Waverly Hills Sanatorium, but also how this monster of a building impacted the crews lives during the shoot. For co-producer and writer, Shane Dax Taylor, being a native of Kentucky and growing up entranced by the Waverly Hills mythology, was the catalyst of inspiration that compelled him to collaborate with the Booth Bros. and write a story featuring this haunted hospital.
Utilizing medical history of the disease called the white plague and it’s infected, the filmmakers wrapped a contemporary truth or scare tale around the bizarre experiments, the deaths, the paranormal sightings of the dead and most importantly, the intense FEAR factor that this twisted infirmary generates.

After feeling the chilling presence of shooting inside Waverly Hills Sanatorium, the producers opted out of returning to Los Angeles to finish production. Instead they had the cast and crew remain at this 80-year-old decaying structure to truly complete this horror epic. The ultimate creepy finale, they set up cameras and filmed in the real Death Tunnel.

The climactic scene of the film takes the audience into a 500 ft. tunnel running below the hospital. It was called a "body chute." Tens of thousands of patients died at Waverly Hills, as their diseased bodies secretly were hoisted down this tunnel and then loaded onto a train. This was done so that the constant sight of dead patients exiting the hospital would not diminish the hope of the other patients still desperately trying to stay alive. It was essential to the filmmakers that the true history of Waverly Hills be remembered as well through this frightening horror film.

While shooting on location in the scary Kentucky Sanatorium, the film evolved into something much more startling than originally conceived. They recorded actual poltergeist (EVP’s) and were also able to capture shadowy figures and menacing
faces of the past.

Having just finished watching White Noise I have to say I can not wait to watch this creepy movie. Stay tuned for more as we get ready to interview the team behind this great upcoming flick!